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Date of Withdrawal: 01-Jan-2014
Plan No. 103
  • This plan is specifically designed to fulfill the higher education needs of the child and family income provision in a single policy
  • It offers guaranteed money back @ 25% of the Sum Assured in last 4 years of the policy irrespective of whether the life assured is alive or dead
  • If the policy holder dies during the term of the policy then full sum assured is paid to the nominee to tide over the financial crisis that may arise out of his death and future premiums are waived.
  • Bonus continues to vest even during the premium waiver period
  • Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (as applicable) is paid along with last installment on maturity
  • Flexible terms available to align with your financial objectives
  • Optional Add-on Riders available: Accident & Permanent Disability Rider
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 18 47
Term 18 25
Sum 50,000 No limit
Premium Modes Yly, Hly, Qly, Mly, SSS
Yearly Premium for 10,00,000 Sum Assured
Age 18 Years 22 Years 25 Years
25 58091 46306 40340
30 59546 48003 42280
35 62165 51010 45530
40 66433 55763 50622
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